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Yankee Candle® Whole Home Air Freshener – Apple Pumpkin

Product Description

Yankee Candle® Whole Home Air Freshener is designed to provide fragrance throughout your home.  Simply hang this device on your HVAC air filters and enjoy aroma in every room. The true-to-life fragrances are unique from Yankee Candle®. Use Yankee Candle® fragrances for everyday living or special events such as parties, holidays, or open houses.

Product Details

Top-selling fragrances are featured in the new Yankee Candle® Whole Home Air Freshener.

  • The device uses patented technology to increase fragrance capacity and to optimize fragrance dispersion.
    • Apple Pumpkin: 
    • Sweet & Spicy. Cultivated with care…home-grown apples and pumpkins blended with   ginger and clove. 
    • Top: Apple, Yellow Fruits, Orange, Fresh Greens, Butter 
    • Mid: Baked Pumpkin, Red Fruit, Cinnamon, Clove, Nutmeg, Fresh Ginger 
    • Base: Vanilla, Caramelized Sugar, Baked Pie Crust, Cream, Musk 
    • Top Note is the initial impression of the fragrance, middle note is the body of the fragrance, and base is its final impression.
  • Fragrance device works on most filters for HVAC systems.
  • Product can be used in additional areas in the home: bath, laundry room, closets, or garage.  
  • Larger homes may require more than one fragrance device.

Product Benefits

  • Your favorite Yankee Candle® fragrances in candles can now be enjoyed throughout your home with this device.
  • This Whole Home Air Freshener performs longer than its popular HVAC competition.
  • No mess installation.  Package includes convenient hook for hanging.


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