The WEB® Absorber Air Filter FPR

Product Description

The WEB® Absorber odor control air filter can be cut-to-size to fit any return air vent up to a 20x25 x 1”. The filter media includes activated carbon to help trap household odors. Filter is especially effective in reducing common pet odors. The media is designed to perform as a FPR 5.1

Product Details

  • Electrostatic carbon media.
  • FPR 5 rated filter media.1
  • Filter measures 20X25X1”
  • Filter cuts to size.
  • Made in USA.

Product Benefits

  • High efficiency filter.
  • Designed to clean the air of odors as well as allergens.
  • Contains activated carbon designed to help absorb odors. 
  • Filter lasts up to 90 days.



1  FPR (Filter Performance Rating) is a proprietary performance rating system of The Home Depot.  It tests the filter’s ability to 1) trap particles focusing on the smallest particles 2) measure weight gain (filter life) 3) measure Pressure Drop and 4) measure expanded performance.