Purafilter 2000®

Purafilter 2000® Coil Cleaner – 19 Oz.

Product Description

The Pufafilter 2000® Coil Cleaner is a professional grade aerosol foaming cleaner.  This product is designed to clean HVAC evaporator and condenser coils and protect coils with built-in corrosion inhibitors. Easily cleans coils to maintain your HVAC systems efficiency.  Use throughout the year for regular DIY maintenance, at a minimum, every Spring and Fall. 

Product Details

  • Designed for use on HVAC condenser and evaporator coils.
  • Commercial grade cleaner.
  • 19 fluid oz. aerosol container. 
  • Easily rinses or wipes away.

Product Benefits

  • Foaming action helps to penetrate and lift heavy soils from coil surfaces.
  • 360° spray nozzle – even works with can upside down.
  • Helps to maintain HVAC system energy efficiency and system life.
  • Self-rinsing on condensate producing evaporator coils
  • Great for cleaning fan blades, drain pans and other heavily soiled surfaces. 




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