Purafilter 2000®

Purafilter 2000® Blue Poly Fiber Air Filter

Product Description

A new level in affordable air filtration that helps filter out more dust and dirt than the typical fiberglass filter. The media is designed to perform as a MERV 5.  The lofty filter media provides a good mix in the reduction of airborne dust and dirt while producing good air flow, so your HVAC system performs at its optimum level. 

Product Details

  • Commercial grade high lofted poly media.
  • Super dust and dirt buster media 
  • MERV 5 rated filter media.
  • Made in USA

Product Benefits

  • Affordably priced with two times the filter life as typical fiberglass filters.
  • The new low-cost, higher performing alternative to fiberglass.
  • Compare to typical fiberglass filters that perform around a MERV.
  • Filter lasts up to 60 days.



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