Purafilter 2000®

Purafilter 2000® Air Filter Odor Absorber

Product Description

The Purafilter 2000® Air Filter Odor Absorber helps your filter eliminate lingering odors.  Proprietary fragrance technology helps control odors that accumulate on filters. Effectively eliminates odors on pleated, fiberglass, polyfiber and other flat panel filters. 

Product Details

  • Uniquely formulated to break down and destroy the source of bad odors. 
  • 32 fl. ounce spray bottle. No diluting or mixing required.
  • Nozzle turns for two different applications:
    • Mister Spray: To apply directly on the filter, use this light misting option.
    • Stream Spray: To direct solution down duct tunnel or hard to reach areas.

Product Benefits

  • Safe for use around cats and dogs. 
  • Contains a light pleasing fragrance. 
  • Can be used on a variety of surfaces around the house. 


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