WEB® HEPA-Pure Air Filter

Features: Filter lasts up to one year

Product Details

- MERV 10 Rating

- Converts your furnace/AC unit into a hepa-type air cleaner

- Most efficient type filter you can use in your system

- Traps up to 99.97% of pollen, dust and dander-sized particles

- Easy to install – simply replaces your existing furnace/AC filter

- Reusable up to one year

- Reduces dust mites, bacteria, mold, dust and pollen

- 4 season warranty

- Hepa-Pure uses minipleat filtration using 7-8 pleats per inch which provides more surface cleaning area. This filter has an average of over 5x the surface area of most 1” pleated filters. The increased surface means improved filtering capacity and more cleaning power to provide filtered air in your home. This specially-designed material captures both small and large particles with minimum air flow restriction.


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