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DuPont™ ProClear™ Ultimate Allergen Series

When you're looking for the ultimate allergen reduction for your home, DuPont™ is the only choice. With one of the highest ratings in the industry, this filter is able to trap some of the smallest particles and allergens. The Microban® antimicrobial product protection inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and fungus that can cause odors and adversely affect filter performance. Oguard™ technology effectively combats a broad range of household odors or an added level of comfort.

Product Features

Lasts up to 90 days (1 filter – 4 pack lasts up to 1 year)

Powerful odor-reducing agents built into the media

Premium performance allergen air filter

Electrostatic pleated media

Made in USA


Reduces airborne allergens

Reduces odors and freshens the air

The DuPont ProClear™ Ultimate Allergen Series Air Filter provides maximum allergen reduction with performance enhancing ingredients built right in to the filtration material. The electrostatic air filter provides ultimate allergen performance with Oguard odor reduction technology and Microban antimicrobial technology. One air filter lasts up to 90 days. Our air filters are made from pleated electrostatic media with a metal mesh frame for support.

Please note: There are a wide range of size specifications for air filtration, including custom. We build all sizes in 1/8" increments. The DuPont Oval Logo® and DuPont™ are trademarks or registered trademarks of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates.

All rights reserved. Microban® is a registered trademark of Microban Products Company.

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